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Recreational Aviation Australia – Pilot Certificate (RAA Licence)

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Flying with Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) means learning to fly is an exciting journey. Whether flying for a weekend hobby or starting your career to become a commercial pilot, the Pilot Certificate is a fundamental part in training to learning the basic skills used all throughout flying an aircraft. It takes time and dedication, but being able to pilot your own aircraft all over Australia makes it all worth it!

Getting Started

On your very first flight you will take the controls and learn about the effects of those controls (don’t worry, all training aircraft have dual controls so the instructor can help you out!) You will gain a good understanding of the primary effects of the engine, ailerons, rudder, elevator and flaps do and subsequently their secondary effects. Hence why we call the lesson – Effects of Controls.

From there you will go on to a number of exercises in the training area.

  • Learning to keep the aircraft straight and level;
  • The basics of climbing, descending and turning;

Then it is time to hit “the circuit” – the pattern aircraft fly around the airfield on take-off, approach and landing. Typically a student will spend 5-8 hours in the circuit before feeling comfortable for their first Solo Flight. This means you will be the only one in the aircraft flying it all by yourself – it is a day you won’t forget!

The Theory of Flying

You can’t get your pilots certificate without some theory. It’s not particularly hard, but you are going to have to read some books! Some people also take classes or find a tutor, but you can do it all on your own and take the exams at the flying school.

There are five in house exams you will need to pass before gaining your pilot certificate. All material to study and train for these are found on our Online Learning Management System (LMS). All students at all levels of training will require access to the system to further advance their training and study. The exams you’ll need to complete are;

  • Pre-Solo Air Legislation
  • Radio Operation
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge
  • Navigation and Meteorology
  • Air Law

Congratulations, you’re a pilot!

Your recreational pilot certificate is also a stepping stone to your RPL, Private and Commercial license. Every hour you log counts towards your private license requirements so you really need to only complete the parts of the private license (instrument flying, controlled airspace) not covered by your RA-Aus training and get used to the new aircraft.

At Aircraft Australia we offer trainng on both CASA and RA-Aus type aircraft so you can train on many aircraft types throughout your training to make the transition easier later.

If this is your goal from the start, talk about it with your school before you start and it may be desirable to pick a school that offers both options so the transition is easier.

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