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Grade 2 Instructor Rating

6 Hours
Board Training
9 Hours
PMI Training
5 Hours
Flight Training
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Once you have held your GR3 Flight Instructor Rating, and have obtained 200 hours of initial flight training, you can upgrade to a Grade 2 FIR. A Grade 2 FIR is highly sought in the industry for the ability to conduct flight reviews and authorise a first solo flight.

The training for a Grade 2 Flight Instructor rating upgrade must be thorough, professional and taught by industry experts. A flight instructor is a professional pilot and standards of training required are very high. Aircraft Australia provides in house training and testing for all categories of ratings including the Grade 2 FIR.

The Grade 2 flight instructor upgrade course can be started anytime, individually or with a group. There are no course start dates for our courses as we understand applicants will have other commitments such as work and family. A full time course will run for approximately one week, Monday to Friday.

Course Breakdown

The course breakdown is as follows;

  1. 6 Hours of Board Training (Aerodynamic and Lesson Content)
  2. 9 Hours of legislation and Principles and Methods of Instruction (PMI) Training
  3. Access to a highly comprehensive Learning Management System
  4. 5 Hours of flight time in your choice of any trainer aeroplane (C172, PA28)
  5. Flight Test – Aeroplane hire, and test fee included

For a Grade 2 FIR Upgrade, the Course Cost is $4,989 including GST.


  • Commercial pilot licence or air transport pilot licence with the aeroplane category rating
  • Grade 3 Flight Instructor Rating (6 months)
  • 200 Hours of initial flight training


A Grade 2 FIR has great employment opportunities, however you are restricted in some types of aeroplanes which have common design features such as MPPC or Retractable Undercarriage.

If you enrol in the FIR-G2 upgrade course, Aircraft Australia has the ability to combine both the GR2 Training Endorsement with a Design Feature Training endorsement for an extra $1499.00

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