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Pilot Training in Moorabbin

Aircraft Training Australia is a leader in providing high-quality aviation training solutions. Our top priorities are your safety and delivering the best training in the industry.

Aircraft Training Australia has many options for you if you want a career in the aviation industry. We offer courses in RPL License, PPL License, CPL License, Instructor Rating, Bachelor of Aviation, IFR Training, and MEA. Our comprehensive Learning Management System guides students through the courses as they progress.

Founded in 2010, formerly known as Air Queensland, Aircraft Training Australia is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Part 141 flight training provider located in Moorabbin.

We value quality training, transparency, and personalized customer service for a unique experience. Honesty, integrity, and safety are the foundation of all the training provided in Aircraft Training Australia courses, with lifetime access to our Learning Management System.

Our goal is to provide knowledge, skills, values, and experience through courses that offer the best flight training experience tailored to each individual’s needs. This ensures that our students enter the aviation industry highly skilled and knowledgeable, with a practical and industry-focused approach to learning the science and theory of flight.

Aircraft Training Australia Moorabbin offers courses in RPL License, PPL License, CPL License, Instructor Rating, Bachelor of Aviation, IFR Training, and MEA.

We provide a supportive environment that encourages and inspires you to be your best.

RPL Training

Recreational Pilot License Complete a 25-hour course structure and pass a theory exam to obtain a basic license that allows you to fly single-engine aircraft up to 1,500 kg as the pilot-in-command with passengers and unsupervised within a 25 NM radius of your departure airport.

PPL Training

Private Pilot License After passing the CASA written test and demonstrating your competency in the air, you will receive your private pilot license. A co-pilot or pilot-in-command can operate an aircraft with a private pilot license (PPL).

CPL Training

Commercial Pilot License If recommended by the HOO (Head of Operations), you can complete the 200-hour CPL (Aeroplan) Training Course, a combined theoretical and practical aviation training course certified by CASA. In addition to passing each of the seven CASA written theory exams, you must also pass the Commercial Pilot License flight test.

Instructor Rating Training

Commercial Instructor Rating To obtain a Part 61 flight crew license, rating, or endorsement, you must successfully complete training provided by qualified and approved instructors.

Bachelor of Aviation (Flight Operations)

The Bachelor of Aviation (Flight Operations) provides the academic and aeronautical expertise needed to become a professional airline pilot and manage a multi-crew environment in your career.

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