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Multi Engine Aeroplane Class Rating (MEA)

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Fly further, higher and faster with a multi-engine rating

If you’re looking at a professional career in aviation, boost your career prospects with a Multi-Engine Aircraft Class Rating (MEACR). Multi-engine aircraft are often more advanced and allow you to fly faster and higher. They also offer a higher level of safety and passenger comfort compared to single-engine aircraft.

At Aircraft Australia, your MEACR training will be conducted in two of our select fleet of multi-engine aircraft. You’ll not only advance your flying skills, but expand the number of aircraft you’ll be competent in – increasing your employability and versatility as a pilot.

Course Outline

Aircraft Australia’s fleet of multi-engine aircraft includes:

  • Partenavia
  • Baron
  • Cessna 310
  • Chieftain
  • Cessna 340
  • Aerostar 601

At Aircraft Australia, we don’t just cover the basic requirements for the endorsement. Our philosophy is to ensure you are suitably trained, competent and safe in all aspects of operating multi-engine aircraft to a commercial level, even if you hold a PPL.

Aircraft Australia’s multi-engine rating program includes 10 hours flight time (which may be reduced with accelerated competency), a five hour ground theory component and a thorough theory and flight test, all conducted in house.

Ground Theory:

  • Asymmetric Principles Brief – 1 hour
  • Normal Circuits Brief – 1 hour
  • Asymmetric Circuits Brief – 1 hour
  • Aircraft Type Systems Briefs – 2 hours

Flight Component:

  • General Handling – 2 hours
  • VMCA & Stalling – 1 hour
  • Normal Circuits – 2 hours
  • Introduction to Asymmetric Flying – 2.5 hours
  • Asymmetric Circuits – 2.5 hours
  • Pre-Test preparation and revision – 1 hour

Theory and Flight Test:

  • Theory component – 1 hour
  • Flight component – 1.6 hours

The Cost

Gain your MEA Class Rating through Aircraft Australia from $6598.00 (inc. GST). Different rates apply for aircraft combinations.

Contact the Aircraft Australia team to discuss starting your multi-engine rating today.

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