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Pilot Training in Darwin

Turn you dreams into reality by taking part in flying lessons with Aircraft Training Australia at our local Darwin base. Galvanize your interest and increase your motivation by enjoying affordable and safe flying in a supportive and fun environment right here in the Top End.

Whether you’re just starting out in the industry and looking for pilot courses in Australia or you’re already working as a commercial pilot locally or overseas, we have specialised flight training options to suit your needs. We offer a full range of services to ensure that you build the strongest foundation for your continued flying and development.

RPL Training

During this course, you will learn how to take off, land, and handle small aircraft. This includes basic manoeuvres such as climbing, descending, turning, and circuit operations. After flying solo in the circuit, you will learn more complex handling in the training area before progressing to your RPL flight test. At the end of this training you will be able to handle the aircraft confidently in basic and complex manoeuvres.

PPL Training

During the private pilot licence (PPL) training, you will learn how to navigate and improve on your handling skills. On completion of your PPL, you will be licenced to fly anywhere within Australia. You will be permitted to rent aircraft and carry passengers on navigation flights.

Anyone 14 or over can take advantage of this opportunity to pilot an aircraft and learn how to fly. All you have to do is to take the first step and book in a consultation with Aircraft Australia

Commercial Pilot Training Darwin

A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is the starting point for your pilot career. Building on the knowledge and skills you have perfected throughout your RPL and PPL training, during the CPL you will learn more advanced flight techniques and procedures in preparation for taking on professional work as a pilot. Our Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Theory course is conducted by experienced flight instructors, giving you the detailed preparation you need to be able to successfully pass your CASA exams and start your practical CPL flight training with a solid understanding of the required concepts. A solid knowledge base helps to save money in your practical flight training by reducing the need for extra flying hours.

The commercial pilot licence (CPL) stage provides an understanding of how to handle an aircraft like a commercial pilot, thus enhancing the advancement of your aviation career. CPL holders may also be paid to fly. Having a solid CPL theory foundation will not just help you to pass the exams – it will make you a better pilot. Sometimes things taught in the air might not stick in your mind as much because there are so many other things to focus on at that moment.

Start your flying lessons in Darwin!

Our flight school will introduce you to unique skills, not only will you learn about flying, but you will also get to put your knowledge into practice.

We deliver high-quality, hands-on aircraft training delivered by experienced and qualified instructors; our extensive range of aviation courses that suit all career paths.

We can train you to fly from scratch, right through to your commercial pilot license.

Are you ready to fly? Now is the best time to start flight training.

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