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About Us

From the moment you step through our door, you’ll realise our two biggest priorities are your safety and proving the best quality training in the industry. As a student with us, you have the opportunity to fly all types of piston and turbine fixed wing aircraft. You will also have access to our enormous Learning Management System (LMS) to assist you as you progress through each lesson or course. Our courses will guide you on the path to achieving your flying goals, with Full Time, Part Time and Flexible learning options.

Flight Training

CASA Approved

RPL License

Recreational Pilot Licence

To start your aviation training begin with the Recreational Pilot License with Aircraft Training Australia.

PPL License

Private Pilot Licence

Aviation is our passion, our team of dedicated professionals give you, the customer the benefit of many years experience in the airline industry.

CPL License

Commercial Pilot Licence

The 200 Hour CASA approved CPL (Aeroplane) Training Course is an integrated course of both theory and practical aviation training.

Instructor Rating

Commercial Instructor Rating

To obtain a Part 61 flight crew licence, rating or endorsement, pilots need to complete training which is delivered by capable and qualified instructors. Pilots who conduct this training must hold a pilot instructor rating.

Bachelor of Aviation

Flight Operations

The Bachelor of Aviation (Flight Operations) provides the academic and aeronautical knowledge that is required to become a professional airline pilot. To gain the flight training required to become a commercial pilot you will also need to complete the Graduate Diploma of Aviation (Flight Operations). All practical flight training components after your first solo flight are delivered in the Graduate Diploma of Aviation (Flight Operations).

If your career aspiration is to become a professional airline pilot capable of managing a multi-crew environment, then the Bachelor of Aviation (Flight Operations) will prepare you for this. The degree will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experience to satisfy the requirements for an Air Transport Pilot Licence and Command Instrument Rating.

Advanced Training

CASA Approved

IFR Training

Instrument Flight Training

Being able to conduct flights in below minima weather will allow you to fly in a variety range of enivornments. Completeing the IFR training will be your first step into the clouds

Multi Engine Training

Multi Engine Class Rating

Multi-Engine Training is an exciting way to increase the skill already learned from your existing training.

Training Partners

Aircraft Training Australia works with a range of training partners to expand the opportunities for our students. Learn more about our training partners here.

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Aviation can be an exciting and dynamic career and hobby. Contact us to learn more about your options for training as a new pilot or updating your existing qualifications and licenses.