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Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR)

10 Hours
Advanced Training
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Flight Test
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Flying at night is an amazing experience that every pilot should experience in their flying career. Adding a Night Rating to your Private Pilot License or Commercial License is a handy addition to improve your flying skills as well as increase the flexibility in your flight planning.

All pilots in Australia without an instrument rating are limited to only flying by day, a Night VFR rating allows you to remove the “day” limit and fly at night in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC). A Night rating is the perfect start for those pilots also considering moving on to gain their Instrument Rating (NVFR hours will count towards your Instrument Rating). Even those pilots with an Instrument Rating will benefit from holding a NVFR rating.

The Aircraft Australia Night VFR rating provides you with ample flying time to allow you to develop your skills and to feel confident flying at night.

The syllabus we have developed allows you flexibility to complete the rating at your pace. Our fixed price option means you will also know your investment up front so no surprises at the end.

Course Outline

The Aircraft Australia NVFR rating syllabus has been developed to not just meet the minimum requirements for the grant of the rating, it is designed to equip you to safely and confidently navigation an aircraft at night under VMC.

The requirement for the granting of a night VFR rating includes:

Pilot must hold a minimum Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial (CPL), or Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

  • 10 hours flying at night; that must include:
  • One (1) hour Dual Circuits
  • One (1) hour Solo Circuits
  • Eight (8) hours Dual Cross-Country flying
  • 2.5-hour Flight Test

Approximately two weeks Full-Time weather permitting, part time as required (progress at your own pace)

The Cost

We offer a NVFR rating at a fixed price in two options, the Single Engine or Multi-Engine option for those with a multi-engine rating.

  • $5,800 (Inc GST) Single Engine NVFR (Cessna 172) (Also available Cessna 182, Cessna 210 at extra cost)
  • $8,990 (Inc GST) Multi-Engine NVFR (Partenavia 68B) (Also available Baron, C310, Chieftain at extra cost)

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