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Air Frontier

Aircraft Training Australia and Air Frontier are pleased to work together to provide initial line pilot training and pre-employment screening training. Air Frontier operates a varied fleet of over 40 aircraft, in Darwin and throughout Arnhem Land. Our long-standing past relationship and training procedures will allow any candidate who is seeking employment, to complete Cessna 210 Competency and Proficiency training. During the course, you will be trained and assessed in line with Part 61.385 and specific screening procedures from Air Frontier.

Our training and pre-interview screening course will cover and be structured as follows:

Lesson 1: General Handling – 1.5 Hours Flight

  • C210 systems briefing & Course Overview
  • Aerial Work & Handling
  • Stall Performance & Characteristics
  • Glide Performance & Characteristics
  • Low-Level introduction
  • Normal circuits
  • Engine management introduction (Cowl Flaps, CHT, EGT, leaning procedures)
  • Turbo Management

Lesson 2: Advanced Handling – Intro to Air Transport – 2 Hours

  • Analyse cruise and climb tables
  • In-depth engine management
  • FLWOP with simulated pax
  • Emergency events including engine fire, electrical fire, ditching
  • Manual Gear Extension
  • Introduction to Low level & “Scenics”
  • Introduction to Navigation Sectors
  • Introduction to Aerial Photography
  • Passenger management
  • Advanced circuits

Lesson 3: Simulated Line Check / Consolidation 2.5 hours

  • Pax briefings
  • Nav Route
  • PFL to the ground
  • Photography scenario
  • 500ft Coastal Scenic
  • Precautionary Search and Landing
  • Bad Pax scenario
  • Diversion
  • Controlled Airspace
  • Emergencies
  • Circuits consolidation
  • Engine Management & Monitoring

This course is a fixed fee course, offered at $4,650 inc GST. You will complete the course in 3 days (weather dependent) and have a minimum of 5 hours upon completion. You will then be invited to send a resume through to the hiring manager at Air Frontier. This course is in no way a guarantee of employment, however, a screening for potential employment. Upon receipt of your resume, the hiring manager will request a reference and screen check for consideration. Pilots who complete this course, are viewed in the first instance, compared to those who conduct training elsewhere.

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