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Redcliffe Aerodrome

The Redcliffe Aerodrome is owned, operated, and managed by Moreton Bay Regional Council. Hours of operation are 6.00 am to 10.00 pm daily.

The facility hosts over 30 aviation businesses servicing the region:

  • Pilot training
  • Charter services
  • Scenic flights and tours
  • Club for students and pilots
  • Aircraft maintenance and refurbishing services

The business centre is a high-tech aviation industry hub employing staff with specialist skills and attracting international, national and local clients.

Commercial aircraft operators (e.g. training schools, freight carriers) not based at the aerodrome should seek approval from Moreton Bay Regional Council before using the airfield.

Aerodrome Information

  • Aircraft are limited to 5700kg for maximum design take-off weight.
  • There is one runway designated 07/25 which measures 853m.
  • Runway 07/25 is equipped with low-intensity runway lights using PAL frequency 122.8.
  • The flight information area is Brisbane Centre with a frequency of 125.7 On Ground.

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