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Moorabbin Airport YMMB

Moorabbin Airport is Australia’s leading general aviation flight training airfield. Located to the southeast of Melbourne’s CBD, Moorabbin is home to a whole range of different aviation activities such as air charter, aircraft maintenance and a broad range of flight training operations.

With its two-billion-dollar development over the years, Moorabbin hosts nearly three hundred thousand movements per year which makes it the second busiest airport in Australia. Primarily home to many flight schools and organisations, Moorabbin offers an excellent training airspace for students to learn to fly in. With its multiple runways and friendly traffic controllers, there are plenty of reasons to fly out of Moorabbin. The training area located to the east of the airport is where students not only learn the basics of flight but the procedures of operating in and out of controlled airspace which is really important when it comes to travelling to other busy airports.

It is also shared close by to Moorabbin’s DFO where students get to have the luxury of enjoying hot meals & beverages to ensure that they are nourished and prepared for their lesson. DFO also offers a large free carpark just opposite the airport for the convince of long days in the sky.

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