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We all know that, learning to fly is expensive. That’s why, we’ve partnered with Payright, an Australian Payment Plan Provider developed for merchants, like Aircraft Training Australia, to assist in making training more affordable, easier to access, and helping people achieve their goals.

Payright Overview

Payright works by spreading the cost of purchases over time, from 3 to 36 months, from a few hundred dollars, up to $20,000. Aircraft Training Australia understands that you might not be able to afford to fly weekly when learning initially, or afford that next course, allowing you to seek employment. This is a way to achieve your flight training goals faster than you would, if you had to save up for your lessons.

Aircraft Training Australia has partnered with Payright to provide prospective students with interest free training for all our courses! We don’t restrict what courses you can get assistance with, like some other organisations. However, we find that the courses mostly accessed using Payright, are as follows:

  1. Recreational Pilot License
  2. Cessna 210 General Competency Course
  3. Grade 3 Flight Instructor Rating with a Design Feature Training Endorsement
  4. Multi Engine Instrument Rating

Application Process

The process is simple. You call us to advise which course you are seeking funding for, and we work through a secure, online form provided by Payright. You tell us how long you want the loan for, and how much deposit you would like to put down. A form will then be emailed to you to continue the application. Usually within 24 hours, you will be notified of the outcome, and if successful, you can begin, or continue your training!

Current Students

If you are a current student wishing to take out a loan with us for more training, please contact your instructor.

New or Transferring Students

If you are a new or transferring student, please contact our office to arrange a discussion, so you can be sure we find you the best option. If you are successful in receiving a loan through Payright, all monies paid in advance to Aircraft Training Australia from Payright for flight training is non-refundable. Under exceptional circumstances, management may agree to provide a refund. In these instances, Aircraft
Training Australia will charge a 30% cancellation fee to cover our admin expenses incurred in setting up the account.

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